After perusing the first half of this year as a free agent, Devin The Dude [click to read] has finally decided on a label to call home in Razor & Tie.

A New York-based record label, Razor & Tie and Devin The Dude agreed upon a one-album deal that will subsequently be released later this fall, according to The album, entitled Landing Gear, will be his fifth studio album and will feature production from longtime collaborators The Coughee Brothaz.

Known for being a more Rock-oriented label, has also released albums in Hip Hop such as Prince Paul‘s Politics of Business. Devin The Dude felt the move was right regardless of this aspect. “Koch was interested but I chose to go with Razor [& Tie] because they made it easy and the numbers were right. While I wouldn’t want to stand in line, waiting for my project to come out behind other artists, I wouldn’t mind a larger label. Razor & Tie just came with a cool proposition.

This “cool proposition” includes a tentative 30-state college tour in October which will be his main marketing tool for Landing Gear. Also, Razor & Tie will give Devin The Dude creative freedom in pursuing side projects with other artists, a perk that no major label would allow him.

Landing Gear will be Devin The Dude’s first album not released on Rap-A-Lot Records, his former home of a decade and a half.