Only weeks after a judge gave the okay for a group of about 20 employees of Jay Z‘s 40/40 nightclub to file a class-action lawsuit, the popular Manhattan nightclub is making headlines again this time because of comments made by the general manager of the club Desiree Gonzalez.

According to the New York Post, Gonzalez told one employee that she would, “fuck up his tax life”, if he were to take part in the lawsuit.

Gonzalez also told another employee she would, “lock him up”, if he did not sign a release from the lawsuit.

The lawsuit against 40/40 was started last month by waitress Celeste Williams who claimed the nightclub payed less than minimum wage and did not pay overtime.

As a result, Jay Z and 40/40 nightclub were ordered by a judge to hand over a list of all their employee’s for the past three years to be reviewed for possible mistreatment.