Soulja Boy has claimed that he started yet another trend dominating Hip Hop culture.

The “She Make It Clap” hitmaker took to social media earlier this week looking for credit for starting the “Big” trend when naming artists or songs.

“Wasn’t nobody hollering this big shit before 2017. 2017, n-gga. I said Big Soulja, n-gga. We know who started this shit, n-gga,” he said on Instagram Live. “Big Soulja. Big Draco, I got everybody saying big. I got everybody putting big in front of they name.”

Soulja Boy pointed to his 2017 album titled Big Soulja for inspiring other artists to follow suit. He’s gone by Big Soulja and Big Draco as popular nicknames for years as well.

“Big Soulja, the album — that was 2017, n-gga. You rap n-ggas copying me, man. When they gon’ give me my swag back, man? I can’t keep nothing to myself. This was 2017, man! I said Big Soulja.”

TheShadeRoom reposted Soulja’s rant and one fan quickly brought up how the “Big” trend went mainstream thanks to rappers such as Big Boi and Big Pun.

“You mean big pun and big boi,” she wrote while another fan added, “Big Sean enters the chat.”

Add the “Big” trend to the laundry list of things Soulja Boy claims he started in Hip Hop while others continue to push back against his theories.

Earlier in August, Big Draco became trending for something he wouldn’t want to be the first in rap to do. Soulja vaguely tweeted “Monkeypox” and fans believed he contracted the latest virus frightening the globe, but he cleared the confusion and clarified that he’s Monkeypox-free.

“If anybody took my post wrong, no I do not have the Monkeypox,” Soulja Boy said on the brink of laughter. “I’m just seeing that they’re making state of emergencies and posting about it so I was just posting about it. I’m all good.”

Meanwhile, in other Soulja Boy news, LimeWire, the file-sharing service that fueled music piracy in the 2000s and was subsequently shut down, has enlisted the rapper to help announce its return — only this time, it’s perfectly legal.

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Earlier this year, LimeWire announced its plans to relaunch as a music-oriented NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace, allowing users to “explore, collect and trade unique digital collectibles.” In July, Soulja Boy plugged the company’s comeback by sharing its latest commercial on social media.

The 60-second clip, soundtracked by his 2007 breakout hit “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” opens with the once-familiar scene of two middle school students rushing home from school to download the song on their computer and burn it to a mix CD.

The video then fast forwards to present day, where the now-fully-grown Big Draco fans relive their childhood joy by diving into LimeWire’s new NFT marketplace. Of course, “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” was one of the most widely downloaded songs on LimeWire and other file-sharing services upon its release.