Killer Mike paid a visit to WREK 91.1 FM studios in Atlanta this past Thursday, to chop it up with DJ Enchant’d on a wide array of topics. Mike goes in about his thoughts on the Ice-T/Soulja Boy beef, Lil Wayne‘s sales, his version of “A Milli”, his controversial song with Ice Cube and more.

“I think that whole situation just proved that everybody can say something stupid. We all Black men: Soulja Boy, Ice-T, Kanye–everybody just said something stupid,” Mike said. “I don’t care that Ice-T is 50 and Soulja Boy is 17. I care that good music is recognized. ‘Superman’ is a great song. It will forever mark an era time that it was fun to dance, coming out of a dark place and thats great. ‘Six in the Morning’ is a great song. It will forever mark a time that our neighborhoods were being invaded…so I want Ice-T to be revered like Bo Jangles. I want Ice-T to be revered like Luther Vandross. I want him to be revered like Marvin Gaye. At the same time I want Soulja Boy to be accepted and loved the same way a white pop act would be. I want him to be respected for the genius to use the internet…I want all of our accomplishments to be duly noted.”

On Lil Wayne‘s 1.3 Million records sold of The Carter III in its first two weeks:

“I tend not to think about other rappers…I’m not an employee anymore so I tend not to think on an employee level. Most rappers have record deals where they’ll sell 3,4,5 million records and if they’re lucky they’ll bring home 1-2 million off of different revenue streams, and that’s great. But if i sell a quarter million to a half million records, I equal and double and I own my masters. So I’m more interested in having a conversation about how to be an “EmCEO” than adoration or opinions on other artists. I’m not an artist anymore; it was fun being one though [laughs].”

Killer Mike also encouraged listeners to download to his indefinitely-shelved album, Ghetto Extraordinary, exclusively available on [click here read more about the project and download the audio].

I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind Pt.2, which Killer Mike claims is his “first classic album” is available starting today.

“The other albums were just practice for this one!” he declares.

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