This past weekend, a 14-track “album” by Royce Da 5’9″ called The Revival leaked on the Internet, eliciting a quick reply from the Detroit emcee.

To the people listening, it’s not even near what the album is,” said Royce
to “It ain’t nothing but old copies of certain
shit. … Some of the songs, I still plan on using, but it’s such a rough
and old copy, it’s not even worth listening to because it’s going to
sound like such a different project by the time it comes out.

Although artists rarely find who the people behind leaking their material are, Royce seems to have a pretty good idea. “Somebody from back in the day, who thinks I don’t know who he is,” said the rapper, describing the man behind the leak. Royce followed by saying the situation would be dealt with appropriately.

[Bar Exam II] is all I’ve been working on lately,” said Royce of his upcoming mixtape, due to hit the Internet for free download on August 26. “When they actually get the project, it’ll have a whole lot of
new shit on there they haven’t heard, along with the shit that’s been
leaked strategically. It’s going to be every sense of a mixtape. The
way real mixtapes used to be, that’s what it’s going to be

Royce also spoke on Street Hop, his anticipated full-length album executive produced by the legendary DJ Premier, explaining it would hit stores in late October.

The rapper also touched on recently canceled shows in Norway. He explained that the night before at a show in Saigon, before his first scheduled performance, Royce literally broke his left arm while pinning a fan’s hand on a table in an arm wrestling match. Royce spoke on the matter in a video blog on his Myspace page (, explaining that he went through emergency room surgeries and that the pain forced him to miss four shows.

“They got onstage and said I wasn’t going to be performing, and since
the people had seen me the night before and knew I was in town, they
got mad and they started fighting in there,
” said Royce, who rescheduled the shows for September. “It was like a big ass riot in there. So I’ve definitely got to go back.”