In a move that is sure to be successful, Master P and Romeo finally get their chance to put their clothing motto to test as “The Great American Brand.”

A staple in mall department stores such as Macy’s, P. Miller Designs will now have a clothing line released exclusively to Wal-Mart’s nationwide. “I figured out a way to make clothes affordable for inner-city families,” said Master P. “We use the same factories and the same materials as Sean John, Rocawear, and Ed Hardy. These are quality clothes you’d normally find at a department store like Macy’s. Now you can pick up the same high-end fashion at an affordable price.

The affordable price that Master P speaks of is literal in every sense. T-shirts that would usually run between $45 and $70 at the mall can now be purchased at Wal-Mart for $10. Jeans run for $20 a pair, nearly one-fifth the price of normal designer wear. But it doesn’t stop there. P. Miller Designs also expects to roll out a carpet line of products including shoes, fragrances, and jewelry, not to mention a young women’s lined called Miller Peaches. All of this combines as a way for parents to suit their children’s fashion needs. “Kids don’t need to worry anymore about being bullied at school for wearing old clothes. Likewise, parents don’t need to choose between filling up the gas tank or filling up the closet. We’re helping families dress fresh for less.

Notwithstanding the transcendent vision P has for the brand, this move also makes history as the first African-American Hip Hop supplier to grace the Wal-Mart stores. Master P attests this to their ability of being open to new investments. “Wal-Mart is such a diverse organization, they’re making a lot of opportunities available to minority-owned companies that are ready to do business with a big corporation,” said Master P. “This is the makings of a great partnership with the number-one retailer in the world. Together we’re making it cool to shop for clothes at Wal-Mart.

Cool, yes, but the economic relief it serves working families nationwide will be its biggest impact. With this in mind, Master P expects P. Miller to be a brand that serves a purpose. “Consumers are being more cautious about spending their hard-earned dollar, but people still want to look good. P.Miller is serving the needs of those consumers by providing the latest designs at great prices. We’re not building P.Miller as just a trendy fashion line; we are creating a sustainable brand that is here to stay.

Reported by Edwin Ortiz.