Boosie Badazz has revealed in a new interview how he discovered his alleged grandson wasn’t actually his

Speaking to VladTV, Boosie said he realized he and his family were being scammed at his son’s high school graduation.



“They bring the baby in there, the mama, the daughter, a few of they people […] all the family taking pictures,” he explained. “They bring the baby over to me. I look at his fucking toes. From me all the way to the grandpa, all our toes be like this. The other toe will lap over one toe. All our toes the same. I looked at his fucking toes and he didn’t have the toes.

“I picked him up and he felt like a brick. Felt like I was holding my son. He felt like a damn brick. I told my partner, that ain’t […] My mama whispered to me in my ear, ‘They ain’t your grandbaby.’ Then we go back to my mama house […] they takin’ pictures, doing all this shit. So the baby get posted on Instagram.”

Boosie Badazz discovered he wasn’t going to be a grandfather in June and promptly shared the news with his Instagram followers. He simultaneously vowed to get revenge on the people who led his 18-year-son to believe he was going to be a teen father.

“Just found out that ain’t my son’s baby!” he shouted in the clip at the time. “I’m not a grandpa! Oh lawd! They done kidnapped somebody’s baby, brought it down there like it was my grandchild. Oh you going down baby! Oh lawd! Oh fucking right! Errybody comin’ to the club tonight. I’m giving everybody free drinks. I ain’t no fuckin’ grandpa! […] Oh they goin’ down!

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“Oh what the fuck!? Why would you do that!? The mom and everybody — oh lord. This is the conspiracy for the ages. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Whooo! Great day. And where the company at who made the fake birth certificate? Where’s the company? I want your company!”

Boosie first discussed the alleged pregnancy with The Breakfast Club last year. He said his son, who goes by Tootie Raw, was expecting a child with his girlfriend Ramya at the time but admitted he didn’t believe she was actually pregnant. Instead, he claimed the girl and her mother had been trying to “trap” his son.



Boosie wants the woman to repay the money his son spent on supplies for the child, including food, a car seat and clothes.