Tiger King star Joe Exotic — born Joseph Passage-Maldonado — is still fighting for his freedom while he remains behind bars on a 21-year sentence relating to his animal welfare case.

Joe Exotic took to Instagram over the weekend to post a thank you letter he sent to BfB Da Packman for raising awareness surrounding his case with his viral 2020 “Free Joe Exotic” track featuring Sada Baby.

“Be a voice for me to our Dear President to do the right thing and Pardon me before the November Elections and show this country that he actually cares about wrongfully detained and convicted people here in America,” Joe Exotic wrote.


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Packman took the message to heart and has already started reaching out to JAY-Z and Meek Mill’s Reform Alliance to see if there’s anything they can do to help him in his case.

“Thank you Unk @joe_exotic I been working on it for the last two days give us some time tryna link with @reform now,” he responded.


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“Free Joe Exotic” boasts nearly 12 million streams on Spotify and over 45 million views on YouTube. The track was released in June 2020  amidst the Netflix Tiger King craze during the early months of COVID-19 quarantine.

Joe Exotic was diagnosed with stage-one prostate cancer earlier this year and is fighting to not spend his final years in prison. With his newfound fame, a Florida judge reduced the former zookeeper’s sentence by one year from 22 to 21 years behind bars.