Memphis, Tennessee rapper GloRilla recently signed a deal with Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group and received a $500,000 bonus after striking gold with her hit single “F.N.F. (Let’s Go).” That’s a considerable amount of money for any new artist, but it could also lead to poor decision-making without the necessary guidance.

One person who does know a thing or two about making money in the music industry is Russell Simmons. The Def Jam co-founder offered GloRilla some sage financial advice during a recent chat with TMZ while out and about in Los Angeles.

“If it was up to me, I would always say, don’t waste it all on junk,” he said. “The junk, I’m not interested in it anymore. Maybe I’m older, I don’t like designer stuff so much. I don’t want a lot of the stuff that I used to want but, you know, kids have to experience what they do, right? I hope she saves some. You don’t need it all.”

He continued, “Operate from a place, a calm place. You’re an artist, you need to be present. Operate from a place of needing nothing. A calm space and the junk that you get when you become a star takes you off course and you lose yourself.”

Simmons then urged GloRilla and other up-and-coming artists to stay focused on their art, not the money, otherwise mediocrity can set in and put the brakes on a career.

“She has to remember that writing and performing and being an artist is what makes her happy, not the stuff,” he added. “The results of her labor are just results. So, sit in the present moment and be happy and brace yourself, and don’t let the money destroy your future.”

'FNF' Rapper GloRilla Reacts To Cardi B Co-Sign & Details 'Crazy' DM Exchange

While it remains to be seen whether GloRilla heeds Uncle Rush’s advice, she appears to be enjoying her rapid rise to fame in the meantime. Earlier this week, the CMG signee reacted to Cardi B co-signing “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” and recalled a “crazy” DM exchange with the Bronx superstar.

“I had just got off the plane, my first time coming out here,” she said. “As soon I get off the plane, she hearted something because I used to always DM her all the time, I would blow her up. I don’t know what it was I sent her, but I know she hearted it, and I text her after she hearted it. She text me back, then she sent me the little voice message. I was like, ‘Ahhh Cardi!'”