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With Bobby Shmurda being from New York, he’s following a long lineage of Hip Hop icons from the city who left their mark on the culture. But it looks like people are already holding him in the same space as those greats.

During a recent visit to Power 106 in Los Angeles, California, Bobby spoke about the comparisons he usually gets from fans. According to the 26-year-old-rapper, he can see how he’s similar to these people depending on the situation.

“I get a lot of DMX, P. Diddy, 50 [Cent] and JAY [Z] sometimes,” Bobby said. “But when I see Jay I’m like Jay? Jay is wild calm. I’m more err, but I think when I’m on my business side, like when I get in those rooms and shit, yeah, it’s a different person in me, so it’s like you get what you get, I guess. Like I could be at any given time, I can change. When it’s business time, alright, it’s time for business; there’s time for fun and time for ah ah ah. So it’s like a time and place for everything, I know that.”


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Bobby could’ve been trolling, as we’ve seen in the past, such as the time he convinced fans in Beverly Hills he was a stripper. However, he wasn’t lying when it came to handling his business. For months, The “Shmoney” rapper had yet to release any new music and claimed his label, Epic Records, was the one continuing to stall on any drops.

Bobby Shmurda Celebrates Exit From Epic Records: 'I Can't Wait To Drop'

Eventually, Bobby Shmurda was able to get out of his contract, something a lot of rappers struggle with when it comes to advancing their careers. As of now, Shmurda is fully independent, with his album coming soon.