Nas isn’t the only one in Hip Hop changing his album name after consideration of a former title [click to read]. Just months ago, Missy Elliott rewarded her fans with the album title FANomenal. Though it looked to be a nice nod, her own endeavors and plans are now in the driver’s seat. The new title of her seventh studio album will be Block Party, and it is currently looking at an August release date, from what she has told

Her decision on changing the album title was the easiest way she could get the message across to her fans about the style she was going for on her latest project. “There are a lot of dance joints on there. It’s one of those albums you can play out in the streets.

As if to justify her resilience in Hip Hop, Missy went on stating, “This album is probably more musical and melodic than my previous ones. A lot of my albums are really Hip Hop-driven, with tinges of other music genres. But this album is Hip Hop, with a sort of U.K. Hip Hop sound to it.

Providing more recent collaboration credits (Danja, Pharrell, T-Pain), Missy Elliott was adamant about her almost-always main producer, Timbaland. “There’s chemistry between us that will never leave…Like Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones, that kind of chemistry. Not to say it can’t work if you get with someone else. But, just because a producer’s hot, it doesn’t mean it’ll automatically work. People always ask if we’re still working together, and the answer is we will always work together. He’s always going to be involved, even if it is just on one record. That’s my brother. I respect and honor what he says.

Recently, rapper Skillz spoke on the split to DX from his perspective [click to read].

Reported by Edwin Ortiz.