Wack 100 is back at it — sharing his opinions on Hip Hop/rap culture and getting into arguments because of them. But this time, people are primarily agreeing with the veteran music manager. During a recent Clubhouse conversation, Wack 100 shared his thoughts of Future’s catalog and admitted he couldn’t sit through one of his live sets.

He attributed his disinterest to Future’s monotonous subject matter, which often revolves around taking drugs. As he explained, “Why you saying I’m hating on Future? I’m just telling you his music is dreary and same, one-dimensional. I can’t listen or watch that n-gga on no stage for a hour, bro. That’s not hate, bro. I don’t think — you gotta understand. I don’t get high. Maybe you gotta be high.

“We talking about headlining, n-ggas coming behind Busta Rhymes, Future definitely cannot come behind Busta Rhymes’s performance. It’s like from one extreme to the next. Like, Busta gonna have a seizure and aneurism and a heart attack on stage. This n-gga comes up same sh*t.”

Wack 100 also claimed Drake wouldn’t allow Future to perform for over 25 minutes while they were on tour together.

“This n-gga Future, bro, his shit is just one pocket and that’s just what it is,” he continued. “N-gga, even on the Drake tour, they didn’t let Future do a full set. Drake came out for forty-five [minutes]. Future came out for twenty-five [minutes], and then Drake came back out! […] I’m telling you. I started nodding out [during Future’s set]!”

Rap-A-Lot founder J. Prince can now add Future to list of artists Wack 100 has disrespected. During an interview with the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast earlier this month, Prince went on an extended rant about Wack’s tendency to talk down on the legends.

“I’m a n-gga that stand for the culture,” he said. “I love the Hip Hop culture. You know, I put in a lot of work. I put in a lot of work where the Hip Hop culture is concerned. I blazed a trail. When I see one trying to shit on 2Pac, trying to shit on Nipsey, trying to shit on the homie Big U out there, trying to shit on Master P — good n-ggas, real n-ggas — Meek Mill.

J. Prince 'Wants All The Smoke' With Wack 100 For Dissing 2Pac, Nipsey Hussle, Master P + More

“I see a n-gga get on a podcast with another rat and go off on 21 Savage. I’m like, ‘Oh this n-gga got diarrhea of the mouth.’ He like full of shit, right […]  What be real cold about it is, some people get lost along the way, and they’ll roll off a cliff with Officer Rat 100. I don’t like the shit, man […] He like a sissy to me. He’s a sissified n-gga to me. Just for the record, I want all the smoke … I know how to put all that out.”