During an appearance on VladTV, Yung Joc claimed T-Pain’s 2007 hit “Buy U a Drank” was inspired by an awkward encounter the autotuned crooner had with Lil Flip at a car show in Dallas.

“We in Dallas, we in this fucking hotel named the Antebellum or some shit like that. Anyway, so we about to go do this big ass car show,” Joc began. “This n-gga T-Pain was like, ‘oh god, I wanna meet Lil Flip. I wanna meet Lil Flip, I’m his biggest fan. I’m like, Really? Oh, well I fuck with Flip.”

Joc continues by saying he offered to introduce T-Pain to Flip, but that things took a turn once they met.

“N-gga T-Pain, Pain gonna hate me for this, Pain was like, ‘Eh, put ‘er there,” he said. He then imitated the awkward face Flip allegedly made when the “Ringleader Man” offered to shake his hand.

“‘Put ‘er there,’ like on some white boy shit,” Joc continued. “‘Hey put ‘er there, chum,’ like Flip wasn’t feeling none of that, Flip was like, ‘n-gga,’ and walked off! So I was like, Damn. So that shit hurt Pain feelings a lot a bit. Not a little bit a lot a bit. We go do the show, Pain come back he like, ‘Man, that shit really fuck me up with Flip.’ I’m like fuck that shit man let’s go get something to drink! He’s like ‘Man,’ I’m like n-gga, drinks on me n-gga I’m buying all the shots.”

He continued on by saying a few weeks after the awkward exchange T-Pain crafted “Buy U a Drank” and included Yung Joc on the song because he was the only person at that time who had ever bought him a drink.

T-Pain offered a meek reply to Joc’s claims on Monday (June 6), commenting with a cap emoji on The Shade Room.

Regardless of whether the story is true, “Buy U a Drank” would become both T-Pain and Yung Joc’s biggest hit. The track initially debuted at No. 89 on the Billboard Hot 100 when it dropped in March 2007. A few months later, the track had inched up to the No. 1 spot, securing T-Pain’s first No. 1 hit and Yung Joc’s second behind “It’s Goin’ Down.” “Buy U a Drank” also just went 7x platinum on Friday (June 4).

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Joc went on to explain that memorable BTS stories like this one are why he transitioned from music to TV.

“When I was real active in the music industry I wasn’t as transparent with what was going on around me or within me,” he said in closing. “I think that’s why when the people were able to see me on TV, they kinda was like ‘Damn I didn’t know this n-gga was this ball of light, this funny, this silly or this emotional’ cause I kept that shit balled up. That’s why a lot of n-ggas has never heard these stories.”

Revisit the iconic song below.