Fulton County, GA

Fans were understandably upset when Young Thug and Gunna were arrested as part of the RICO case against Young Stoner Life. One person took things a step too far when 18-year-old Quartavius Mender allegedly threatened several public officials on social media.

According to FOX 5, the Georgia teen was arrested and brought into custody on May 26 after leaving death threats in the Instagram comment section for Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat, a Gwinnett County Sheriff and the Fulton County Clerk.

Mender reportedly stated that he’d murder Labat, his wife Jackie Labat and Atlanta Public Schools Police Chief Ronald Applin if Young Thug or Gunna weren’t released from jail.



“We take these kinds of brazen threats seriously,” Sheriff Labat said. “Social media cyberbullying, and hiding behind a keyboard will not protect someone from criminal prosecution. Our investigators are diligent in seeking individuals who mean to do harm to anybody, and I am grateful to them for ensuring the safety of myself, my wife, and all citizens of Fulton County.”

The 18-year-old is currently being held at Fulton County Jail without bond after being charged with 23 felony counts of making terrorist threats.

Young Thug Denied Bond In RICO Case After Judge Determines He's A 'Danger To The Community'

As for the latest for Thug and Gunna, it doesn’t look like either will be getting bond prior to the start of their trials in January 2023. Thugger’s legal team made a last-ditch effort at Thursday’s hearing (June 2) where a teary-eyed Kevin Liles took the stand and advocated for Thug’s release to no avail.