Joe Budden is a strip club savant. Having frequented tri-state jiggle joints over the years, he’s become an expert in the field and isn’t afraid to voice his opinion on the industry.

A recent club visit pushed him over the edge as Budden took to social media on Thursday (June 2) to call out certain NYC strip clubs over their hiring practices against Black women.

“NY strip clubs, not only are you not hiring Black women, but you’re purposely hiring the SAME exact girl. Your promoter having a type is gonna lose y’all money this Summer.. this is disgusting (not the girls, the optics),” he wrote with a photo featuring dancers from the shuttered Cheetah’s club.


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He went a step further on Twitter saying he’s ready to “start a war” with the New York strip clubs for the greater good.

“I think I’m gonna start a war with NY strip clubs but only because i care,” he declared.

Not everyone was in favor of the 41-year-old’s rant against the adult entertainment clubs. Waka Flocka Flame brushed off Budden’s words under Akademiks’ repost.

“Man [shut] yo soft ass up,” he wrote.

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Fresh off a tropical vacation, Budden had no issue mixing it up upon his return. With the podcast host knowing as much as he does about the adult entertainment industry, maybe he will open up his own strip club in the Big Apple.