6ix9ine’s social media behavior is so predictable at this point it’s nearly comical. If a fellow rapper is experiencing a hardship, expect 6ix9ine to pop up like a pesky whack-a-mole. Case in point, the controversial rapper decided to troll Gunna on Tuesday (May 10), just hours after he was named in a 56-page indictment from Fulton County prosecutors.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, 6ix9ine shared a clip of Gunna from the 2021 film Dutch in an attempt to make fun of Gunna’s current situation. In the clip, Gunna is being questioned by authorities in an orange jumpsuit when he says, “Get me McDonald’s, and when you come back, I might remember something. Can you do that?” to which an investigator replies, “Oh yeah. Big Mac, fries, Coke?”

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Of course, 6ix9ine famously became the government’s star witness in his own RICO case in 2018, earning his “snitch” reputation along the way.

While Gunna was one of 28 named in the indictment, he still hasn’t been taken into custody. But Young Thug, who was also named, was arrested and locked up in Fulton County Jail. His attorney, Brian Steel, maintains his client is absolutely innocent and vows to clear his name.

However, that may prove to be a bit trickier; his charges are much more serious. Prosecutors allege Young Thug rented a 2014 Infiniti Q50 sedan from Hertz rental car company, which was later used in the commission of the murder of Donovan Thomas, Jr., a rival gang member, in January 2015.

Young Thug & Gunna Indicted On Racketeering, Murder & Armed Robbery Charges

Prosecutors also believe two associates of YSL, Christian Eppinger and Antonio Sumlin, worked to get permission of Young Thug to murder YFN Lucci while he’s behind bars at Fulton County. Gunna, on the other hand, is facing one count of conspiring to violate the RICO Act