Saweetie and Lizzo’s penchant for bizarre food amalgamations has often made each of them a social media talking point, but in a recent interview with Power 106 Los Angeles, the “Rumors” singer argued her snack combinations are far more off-putting than Saweetie’s.

“Here’s the thing, y’all just think Saweetie eats random combinations,” Lizzo explained. “It’s not that uncommon, people be eating like that, it’s just don’t nobody talk about it. Because it’s so…you know.”

When the radio host listed off a few of Saweetie’s crowning snack achievements, including Capri Sun Hot Cheetos, Lizzo simply complimented the rapper’s taste and said the difference between them is that she often takes it one step too far.

“My food combinations are fucking disgusting,” Lizzo admitted. “I’ll do mustard and watermelon. Like it’s just…we not the same! Saweetie be doing shit that’s like ‘hmmm I might try that,’ or ‘we been eating like that cause  you know that’s just black people we like to do that’ but I do shit that’s unthinkable, that makes people…yeah. It makes them gag.”

She continued by calling out the “Best Friend” rapper, “Okay Saweetie, you gonna do coconut water and berries? Smoothie cereal? … I don’t know, I’m the vegan version, that’s it.”

Lizzo also talked about her upcoming tour with Latto, which is dubbed the Special Tour after Lizzo’s forthcoming record of the same name.

The Special Tour will be a 23-date trek across North America, kicking off on September 23 in Sunrise, Florida and will head through New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, Atlanta, and Lizzo’s hometown of Detroit before concluding on November 18 in Los Angeles.

Check out the full interview below.