As word spread of Elon Musk acquiring Twitter for $44 billion, Snoop Dogg reached out to the Tesla mogul directly to both congratulate him on his latest purchase and ask for a favor.

“This is a message for Elon Musk,” Snoop said in a video posted to his Instagram. “Nephew, I need a Tesla. One of your people’s came to my show. Told me they was gonna get me one. Still waiting. Do I have to buy one? Or you gonna send me one? It’s the D-O-Dub, cuz. Get to it and do it, and congrats on Twitter.”

Snoop Dogg isn’t the only one asking for handouts following Musk’s Twitter takeover. Ice Cube also asked for a favor from the world’s richest man, except his favor wasn’t as pricey.

“Free at last! @elonmusic take off my shadow ban homie,” Ice Cube wrote mere hours after Musk’s purchase was confirmed.

It’s already being made clear Musk is going to shake things up on the social media platform. On Tuesday (April 27), he allowed Azealia Banks to return to Twitter after she’d been banned in 2020 for firing off transphobic tweets. Banks thanked the SpaceX head on Instagram.

“Oh girlssssssssss lmao we are in this b*tch,” she first wrote on her Instagram Story before thanking Musk. “I actually *have” to thank Elon for buying twitter, I actually got back on. The amount of money I lost by being banned from twitter and not having access to the fans/consumer base I worked SO HARD TO BUILD SERIOUSLY MADE EVERYTHING SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT.

She went on to slam former CEO Jack Dorsey. “He knew it would effect my value as an artist because if I don’t have access to these channels to promote new music/new merch/concerts etc…. He could effectively stop my bag which is miniscule as fuck compared to his.”