It seemed to be the album that would never see the light of day. Saigon and Atlantic Records have been caught up in a never ending soap opera that found Saigon going as far as saying “I Quit!” in an attempt to force Atlantic‘s hand to do something.

Finally, something has been done and Saigon is no longer a part of Atlantic.

“I am NO LONGER ON ATLANTIC RECORDS, thank you God,” Sai says via his Myspace blog. “I took legal action and got my manager Chris, my lawyer Theo, my homies Gee Roberson and Just Blaze and we got the fuck up out of there… No, I didn’t get dropped so you haters don’t get excited, I fought these people very very hard to leave.”

In his blog, Saigon cites what he calls “the three strikes” that got him to this point.

“Atlantic Records felt I needed a party song, or a sexual song or something like the other artist they have up there,” he says of “Pain In My Life” not getting pushed hard as his single. “On one side of the token they’re telling me they need to market me to the youth yet they want me to use adult content.. This didn’t make sense to me. They wanted me to tell 12 and 13 year old kids that its cool to be strippers and gangbangers.”

He also blames Atlantic for burying the buzz worthy “Come On Baby” and not giving him the proper funding for a video for either song.

The final strike, however, was when Just Blaze nailed down Jay-Z for the “Come On Baby” remix and Atlantic dropped the ball again. Saigon says that this is what forced him to take legal action to leave the label.

Just Blaze also chimed in on the situation from his Megatrondon blog.

“We have been quietly working to get released from Atlantic. Sometimes you need to do things without talking about them. And get what you want. We finally got that…With 100% ownership of the masters,” Blaze states. He also makes mention that leaving the label and owning all the masters is a rarity.

“Thank you Atlantic for recognizing the situation for what it really was and doing the right thing,” he continues. “There are already new situation(s) in the works.”

Stay tuned to DX to see where Saigon will finally end up as many are still awaiting his debut album.