Fat Joe took a break from promoting his new memoir to team up with Power To The Patients – an awareness campaign launched in 2021 to combat the hidden prices of healthcare – and dropped a PSA video on Tuesday (April 19) describing how medical patients across the country are being scammed by healthcare insurers.

“Right now millions of people are getting robbed, and not by the guys you might think, but by hospital and insurance company executives,” the Bronx legend says in the video. “They crooks because they manage to hide hospital prices from all of us. When we can’t see or compare prices, hospitals charge us whatever they want. They robbin’ us. It’s corporate greed, it’s not even legal, but no one is enforcing that law.”

He continued, “We love our nurses, we need our doctors, but the big business behind ’em is breaking our backs. So to all you politicians letting ’em crush us, you breaking my heart because you broke your promise to the very people you swore to protect. It’s time for you to step up and enforce this law. Their corporate greed is devastating patients and their families. Hospitals are obligated to show us their prices, and we demand ’em.”

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Power To The Patients helps patients and their families understand the real financial obligations of their medical decisions and institutions. The campaign strives to bring awareness to these rules and combat the lack of transparency and inconsistent pricing often leading Americans into exorbitant medical debt.

Fat Joe is reportedly bringing this fight all the way to Washington, as a source shared with TMZ that the rapper will be attending the White House Correspondents dinner later in April to rep the organization.

Check out the full PSA below.