Lil Uzi Vert and JT have called it quits. The former took to Twitter to announce in a since-deleted tweet that he and the City Girls spitter had officially broken up, but wrote that he believed it to be over “dumb shit.”

“Jt broke up with me over this dumb ass shit,” Uzi wrote alongside a walking-man emoji. “I don’t even do nothin FML.”

Before announcing the break up, he had previously tweeted, “I don’t understand why y’all keep tryin fuck my lil life I got going on up…damn what i do ?”

The pair reportedly began dating in 2019, going public with their coupling in 2021 after Uzi announced on Twitter that he loved her. The couple, who at one point even got each other’s names tatted on them, was most recently spotted celebrating JT’s 29th birthday in December 2021. Uzi reportedly dropped $50,000 to rent out New Jersey’s Nickelodeon Studios Park for the occasion and later gifted his boo a shiny new McLaren.

JT had often raved about her boyfriend’s generous spirit, saying in an interview with Respectfully Justin that on their first date the rapper had gifted her a Chanel bag full of money.

“I had a little Chanel bag and he told me to take as much as you can. I could only fit $30,000, and I was so mad,” she said. “I don’t want to keep talking because I don’t want it to seem like I’m bragging. I have a good man. I didn’t even know he was a good man. I was fucking with him for almost two years before I found out he was a good man.”

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Uzi was often very open about his love for JT, emphatically expressing his devotion to her multiple times on Twitter.

“I love JT so much that I will do anything for her,” Uzi previously tweeted out last March. “She is the best feeling I ever had in my life thank you thank you thank you.”