The “Usher Bucks” craze took Black culture by storm in 2021 when Usher unleashed the bills at a Las Vegas strip club. Some clowned the “U Got It Bad” singer while others questioned the move, but the overall goal was achieved–getting people to pay attention.

JID managed to get his hands on an “Usher Buck” and he decided to have some fun with it. On Thursday (March 31), the No Jumper podcast got on Instagram to share a clip of the DiCaprio 2 rapper attempting to pay for his food with the “Usher Buck” at a Waffle House.

“Ay we going ham with the ‘Usher Buck’,” JID said as he unraveled the fake $100 bill from his wallet.”I keep my ‘Usher Buck’ on me.”


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JID’s friends started joking around with the rapper as they continued talking about the fake money. The restaurant probably didn’t take the bill from the Dreamville rapper, but it would be a pretty interesting situation if they did.

During an interview with Billboard in April 2021, Usher explained the reasoning behind the fake money bonanza he caused. According to the legendary singer, it was all just to push his incredible Las Vegas residency at Dolby Live at Park MGM.

‘Usher Bucks’ Fiasco Has ‘Confessions’ Singer Adding New Vegas Dates

“The idea behind ‘Usher Bucks’ was really a way of promoting the residency,” Usher began. “And since then, there has been more conversations, thus proving roads lead to Las Vegas. Stay tuned. We’ve been working on the merchandise for the night and that was the start of it.”