Eight months after a raid on DMX’s Cave Creek home, a sheriff assures press that the Yonkers emcee isn’t off the hook just yet.

Even though no charges have been filed since the raid—which turned up guns, drugs and dead animals—Sheriff Joe Arpaio told Phoenix news outlet KTAR that the case is still active.

“When I say I’m going to do something, I do it, okay? Some of you may think I do it just to get publicity and then hide,” Arpaio told KTAR. “No. The DMX investigation is in full progress. Very soon, I will announce a resolution to that case.”

According to KTAR, the question about DMX’s case stemmed from a news conference in which Arpaio talked about crime suppression sweeps that have garnered accusations of racial profiling. The article also says that DMX has denied any wrongdoing.

As previously reported by HipHopDX, three dog carcasses were found on X’s property after an anonymous tip to the sheriff office’s animal cruelty complaint hotline that reported undernourished dogs with dry water bowls. A dozen more dogs were discovered that had been left outside in the 100-plus degree Arizona heat without water and food.

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