There’s no love lost between former podcast co-hosts Jamil “Mal” Clay and Joe Budden. Mal joined The Personal Party podcast for a conversation on Wednesday (February 16) and when the topic moved to Joe Budden, Mal basically said there’s no chance for reconciliation in the future following their May 2021 break-up.

“I don’t respect him at all,” Mal stated. “Shake his hand? I’ll shake the room before I shake his hand. That’s just what it is. It’s not even about the business or the money. It’s a lot of money, it’s a lot of money, bro, that me and Rory walked away from. It’s a lot of money that was taken out of our pockets. It’s a lot of money that still to this day, we don’t have no lawyers going after it. Keep it. We got our own bag.

“But, with that money that we walked away from, with that, what was owed to us that we walked away from, that was also me walking away from a relationship and a chapter of life that, once I walk away, you know, that door never opens again.”

Mal went on to compliment Budden on what he’s accomplished in music and in the podcast space, but couldn’t respect him anymore as a man.

“As a man, I’m just cut different,” he continued. “I don’t mix with that. I can’t be with people that move like that. You gotta have integrity, bro… It was about money, but it wasn’t about money. It was more so integrity, you’re lying to your friends, you’re stealing from your friends. I just don’t understand throwing your ego on your homies.”

Joe Budden Podcast Posts Impressive Numbers Despite Rory & Mal Split

Mal originally joined The Joe Budden Podcast in July 2016 following Marisa Mendez’s departure. A five-year run came to a screeching halt when co-host Rory Farrell was fired on-air during a May 2021 episode.

Mal then also left to start another venture with Rory and the New Rory & Mal podcast found a home at SiriusXM’s Stitcher in November. Listen to their latest episode below.