In 2006, Snoop Dogg and five members of his entourage were arrested after a mass brawl at Heathrow Airport. Immigration officials claimed that Snoop’s presence provoked violent crime, and used this as a basis for refusing him a visa for a tour. This decision apparently came directly from immigration minister Liam Byrne.

However, as The Guardian reports, that decision has now been overturned by a judge.

A film of the incident revealed that Snoop Dogg had no hand in initiating the brawl. In fact, he had been innocently entertaining young children. The video also shows Snoop being pushed twice by a police officer and not retaliating; an officer later issued a statement that Snoop had been cooperative.

In January, immigration judge Nehar Bird found no evidence that the rapper had been responsible for causing any public disorder, and ruled that authorities had failed to show that excluding him from Britain would be “conducive to the public good.”

Yesterday (April 23), a senior immigration judge ruled that Bird was right. In Bird’s ruling, she cited that many of Snoop’s events were a positive thing, such as when he was due to join P. Diddy in the UK to speak to young black teenagers about gang violence. “The aim was to speak against the glamorising of fireams as a fashion accessory,” wrote Judge Bird.

The appellant and P Diddy were to speak to British teenagers about the
loss of other rap artists and how that had affected them personally.

The Home Office has yet to decide whether or not it will appeal the d ecision.