It’s been three years since Nipsey Hussle tragically passed away, and his brother Blacc Sam and the mother of his child, Lauren London, are finalizing his estate. The rapper’s brother was named the estate administrator, meaning he’s in charge of finances and ensuring Nipsey’s children receive proper assistance, and they’re getting just that.

According to court documents acquired by Radar Online, Blacc Sam revealed his late brother’s estate is worth an estimated $4 million, including real property and annual gross income. The court filing explained the assets in Nipsey’s probate estate are “approximately $4,062,439.34 ($4,169,088.57 per inventory and appraisal, less $106,649.23 in creditor’s claims).”


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Nipsey’s two children, Emani and Kross, will reportedly get $2 million each from those assets. However, Blacc Sam requested additional time to have everything wrapped up with Nipsey’s estate, including settling any outstanding balances that were left behind. A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge granted the motion and gave Blacc Sam until October to have everything squared up.

Sam explained in a petition that all creditors had been paid except for one. There’s also an issue with a songwriter named Tasleema Yasin, who claimed she’s owed money from Victory Lap standout “Hussle & Motivate,” which she allegedly co-wrote back in 2016 alongside the late rapper. Sam had rejected the claim and asked the courts to dismiss it altogether.

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There are other claims that need to be addressed, too, including one filed by Paramount Recording Group for $131,000 and a $46,000 debt to American Express. Thankfully, all of Nipsey’s federal and state taxes have been paid.

Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed on March 31, 2019, in front of his Marathon clothing store on Slauson Avenue in South Los Angeles, California.