Drakeo The Ruler’s family has officially filed a lawsuit against Live Nation with California’s superior court seeking over $60 million in damages following the Los Angeles rapper’s fatal stabbing.

According to Pitchfork, the suit was made on behalf of Drakeo’s five-year-old son, Caiden Caldwell, through his mother Tianna Purtue. In addition to Live Nation, C3 Presents, Bobby Dee Presents, Jeff Shuman and Los Angeles Football Club are named in the lawsuit as defendants.

Last week, Billboard reported Drakeo The Ruler’s family was preparing to file a lawsuit against the festival organizers for about $20 million under the legal representation of James Bryant, who declared Drakeo was essentially “lynched” with the lack of safety precaution taken by the festival.

Drakeo The Ruler was stabbed in the neck while backstage preparing to perform at the December 2021 Once Upon a Time in L.A. festival. He was rushed to a local hospital in critical condition but passed away a short time later at the age of 28.

No arrests have been made in the case, but the lawsuit names YG and Drakeo’s issues with the Bloods gang as a possible motive for the murder of the West Coast nnative. The attackers were allegedly wearing all-red and ski masks while backstage during the fatal 10-minute brawl.

His team believes the Bloods may have targeted him because of their belief he was involved in a murder of a Bloods gang member in 2016 where Drakeo was ultimately acquitted of charges in the case.

Drakeo The Ruler's Family Preparing $20M Lawsuit Against Live Nation Over Rapper's Death

“Mr. Caldwell and artist and alleged member of the Bloods gang YG had an ongoing public feud,” the lawsuit reads. “While there is no evidence to indicate that YG had anything to do with the events that would lead to Mr. Caldwell’s murder … it was clear that other members of the Bloods gang may take issue with him … as it was widely known that members of the Bloods gang were actively targeting Mr. Caldwell following his acquittal.”

A rep for YG informed The New York Times the Compton rapper hasn’t been questioned by police for Drakeo’s murder just yet. Making of the $60 million in damages, Caiden Caldwell is looking for $25 million in “non-economic” damages, $25 million for financial support and $10 million for his father’s suffering prior to his death.