Paris, France - 

Pusha T season is approaching. The G.O.O.D. Music MC got the ball rolling for his fourth studio album this past weekend by giving fans a glimpse at the potential cover art, as well as a healthy preview of new music.

On Sunday (January 23), King Push took to Instagram to post a grainy photo of Lana Del Rey with her face concealed by a mound of white residue (if you know you know). The “Florida Kilos” singer has referenced cocaine in her music throughout her career.

The picture — which evokes the Whitney Houston-referencing album cover for his previous LP, 2018’s DAYTONA — was paired with a 51-second snippet of a hard-hitting new song that finds Push name-checking Missy Elliott, Diet Coke, former NFL player Don Bishop and JAY-Z‘s “Imaginary Players.”

Accompanying footage shows the Virginia Beach native rapping along to the unreleased song at a party in Paris attended by Kanye West and his new girlfriend Julia Fox, as well as Pusha’s manager Steven Victor and Justin LaBoy.

Another snippet of the song hears Pusha T spin a classic JAY-Z and Diddy collaboration into a coke rap bar. “Snow’s a must, the nose adjust/Young G’s like we Hov and Puff,” he raps over the thumping, ’90s-inspired production.

It appears the former Clipse member played more material from his forthcoming album at the star-studded party, with Steven Victor sharing a snippet of another song on his Instagram Stories.

“Didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, just a better design/Critics is out of his mind, haters is out of his mind/Yet, always where the money’s at,” Push raps over bouncy, soul-sampling production that would sound at home in Wu-Tang Clan’s catalog.

Pusha T fans also got a taste of his appearance on BAPE founder NIGO’s upcoming album I Know NIGO on Sunday. The 44-year-old sat front row at NIGO’s Kenzo Paris Fashion Week show, where another unreleased track from his stash rang out through the speakers.

“Extracurricular art buyer, 812 ‘Rari driver/Spent six just to make the roof Harry Potter/Kilogram Kickstarter, push a brick harder/Left my elbow in the pot à la Vince Carter,” he spits.

Pharrell, Tyler, The Creator, Kid Cudi, Lil Uzi Vert, A$AP Rocky, Fam-Lay and Teriyaki Boyz are also set to feature on the NIGO-helmed project.

The ever-confident Pusha T has set expectations sky high for his forthcoming album. “I think I’ve topped DAYTONA for sure,” he declared in an interview with Billboard in October. “One-thousand percent.”

Pusha T Says Upcoming Album Tops 'DAYTONA' By '1000 Percent'

Looking to back up that bold claim, King Push has sourced beats from his two most trusted producers: Kanye West, who produced the entirety of DAYTONA, as well as hits like “Numbers on the Boards”; and The Neptunes, who soundtracked the Clipse’s first two albums, 2002’s Lord Willin’ and 2006’s Hell Hath No Fury.

Further details surrounding the project remain scarce, but all signs point to a new Pusha T album arriving soon.