It’s clear as day Bobby Shmurda loves to dance. Whether he’s gyrating his hips back and forth or inspiring a new TikTok viral moment with his “Shmoney” dance, Bobby won’t stop moving his body.

Yet again, Bobby was caught dancing to the beat of his own drum when he was a guest on Gillie Da King and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast. During the interview, Bobby Shmurda’s new track “Shmoney” rang off through the speakers and the Brooklyn rapper couldn’t help himself.

The “Hot N-gga” rapper stood on the couch and began going off with the dance moves. He went so hard with a certain part of his dancing that he nodded his head back and forth and fell off the couch head-first. The fall looked like it hurt, but Bobby signaled he was OK by continuing the dancing with his legs moving in front of one another.

“So none of y’all gone ask me if I’m good fuck all y’all,” Bobby Shmurda wrote in the caption of his post showing him dancing. “BEST PERFORMER ALIVE SHMURDA NEVER STOP DANCING & Yo @gillie_da_king @wallo267 drop that podcast ASAP @mworthofgame #shmoney.”


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Bobby Shmurda has been both dragged and celebrated for his dancing for a few months now, and he explained the reason behind his moves earlier this month on Instagram. In a post showing inmates dancing with makeshift knives, Bobby said he used to be just like those inmates dancing with weapons close by in case something went down.

Bobby Shmurda Reveals Dark Institutionalized Origins Of Wiz Khalifa-Approved Dance Moves

“Watch them Mf’s who be dancing when they come out of jail [Crying laughing emojis],” he wrote in the caption. “Had one the size of my foot I used to walk around with in my socks lol nah but Rns I rather dance outside free in videos stages clubs IG TikTok wherever I could then to do it in there again so remember to appreciate your freedom!!!!”

Check out Bobby Shmurda’s appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game in full below.