Recently, a new song thought to be off of T.I.’s upcoming Paper Trail album leaked to the masses. While the song got a solid response, T.I. issued a statement and asked that the song not be mistaken as a part of his upcoming album.

“I just wanted to say to you myself that the record that has been leaked – I think yall are calling it ‘Hunt Em Down’, when I did it, it was called ‘Got It Now’ – It is an unwarranted, unauthorized release,T.I. says. “It is not a Paper Trail selection, it is not of the same standards and the same quality as the records that I’m doing right now so I don’t want anybody to get it misconstrued that that’s the first single.”

He thanked those who enjoyed the song but promised that the music he has coming from Paper Trail would be far superior to the song leaked to the public. T.I. then explains the origins of the song.

“Do not be fooled. It was actually the first song recorded after the big homie Philant died,” T.I. continues as he dismisses the song. “So there was a lot of rage, a lot of anger and a lot of frustrations on that record. It was never even meant to be released.”

No word on if a new song will be released soon off of the upcoming album but keep it tuned to for the latest.