As Game prepares his next offering titled LAX, it seems that a small beef is on his menu.

Some time back, Game was interviewed for Mass Appeal magazine by Ego Trip‘s Sacha Jenkins – the team behind VH1‘s The White Rapper Show – and proceeded to ask Game why he didn’t appear on VH1‘s hit television show.

“I just turned that down because I thought it was corny,” Game explained. “I watched it a couple of times and thought why would somebody do this? It’s fucking with Hip Hop.”

As the conversation progressed, Game conveyed how he felt about the emcees on the show “Them motherfuckers was horrible,” he elaborated. “There’s real rappers in the world – real white ones. I could have gave yall a whole cast if you came to me first. They fucking sucked man!”

After saying the entire concept was corny, Jenkins asked if Game liked John Brown. “No,” Game interjected.

As the interview closed, Game joked that the show was a vehicle to set up John Brown and the other rappers on the show to be made fun of.

John Brown has apparently not taken those comments lightly and has responded to Game via a video of his remake of MC Breed’s classic “Ain’t No Future In Your Frontin”

“I know you heard those comments made by The Game. He had some issues with some people and gets on TV to promote themselves and their company,” Brown begins sarcastically. “It was real interesting to me because Game was a real inspiration to me…especially as someone who started out on a television show (Blind Date). He really kinda parlayed that into a real interesting music career.”

He then mocks Game and his tattoos by stating he’s going to get one of the Beastie Boys on his body and instead of Game’s Eazy E tattoo, Brown would get White Rapper Show‘s host MC Serch. He then follows up with a remake of MC Breed’s classic song.

Will this garner a response out of Game?