Famed gossip blogger Perez Hilton claims to have exclusive knowledge about Jay-Z and Beyonce‘s wedding which is said to be planned for tonight (April 4) in NYC. The self proclaimed “Gangsta of Gossip” has even posted the address of the supposed wedding site- a loft in Downtown NYC- in case fans want to crash the party.

TV’s The Insider is also reporting:

“While some say it may be a party to celebrate JAY-Z’s new deal with Live Nation, “The Insider” has learned that preperations for a big event are being laid out right now at the Tribeca apartments on Hudson Street in New York that could very well be for his rumored wedding to BEYONCÉ KNOWLES! A box from Amy’s Orchids was just delivered and CC Rental has been delivering as well.

Busy workers are building an indoor tent with an all-white theme and the Roman numeral IV. We’re told the event will be for about 30 people. The “magic hour” — when all he workers need to be out — is 3 p.m.”

Perez speculates the couple will marry at 4pm. EST. In another blog entry, Perez also breaks down the meaning behind the enigmatic “IV” tattoos seen on the celebrity couples’ ring fingers. Beyonce was born on September 4th while Jay‘s birthday is December 4th. If sources are correct, the two will marry at 4pm, April 4th- the fourth hour of the fourth day of the fourth month of the year.