Los Angeles, CA - 

The Game has reportedly disregarded another court hearing related to his alleged sexual assault, and it’s going to cost him.

According to documents obtained by Radar Online, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge granted a motion filed by accuser Priscilla Rainey to seize the California rapper’s profits from Cameo, a website that allows celebrities to turn a profit by making custom videos for fans.

Rainey’s motion states The Game has made around $20,000 on Cameo from October 29, 2020 to January 28, 2021, with financial records confirming he indeed transferred $19,000 from the site. The statement shows the 42-year-old made multiple videos a day and would even clear over a grand some days.

“The Judgment Debtor apparently created a new company account to deposit his income in what appears to be a concerted attempt to hinder or delay Plaintiff’s judgment enforcement efforts,” Rainey’s attorney said.

The judgment was awarded to Rainy as part of her civil trial against The Game, who was accused of sexually assaulting her in 2016 on the set of his VH1 reality dating show called She’s Got Game. Rainey claimed The Game arrived at a date high and “forcefully [reached] his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks” during dinner.

The Game has continuously denied the accusations, previously referring to Rainey as “a thirsty Gatorade mascot of a transvestite.” Regardless, he ended up losing the lawsuit and was ordered to pay Rainey $7 million, which he has lagged on paying. He initially appealed the ruling, but the appeals court held up the decision, calling The Game’s behavior “deeply reprehensible.”