Prior to Three 6 Mafia’s anticipated Verzuz matchup with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony coming up later this week, Juicy J joined Nas and Miss Info for another episode of The Bridge: 50 Years of Hip Hopon November 30 where he discussed the “wild” drug use that lead to the demise of Three 6 Mafia.

“From heroin to meth to cocaine, all kinds of pills,” he said when asked about the specifics of the drug use by Nas. “A lot of drugs were consumed during the times we were together. When everybody was sober and shit, everybody’s on the same page. But when cocaine’s involved, you know things change. But I’m not pointing a figure at nobody, it happened.”

While Juicy J isn’t pointing the finger at anybody, just looking back on the prime years with Three 6 Mafia, he realized the drugs were the main ingredient in their downfall.

“It’s the drugs, I can’t think of nothing else,” he continued. “That was the main thing that was really fucking everything up. You know, people weren’t showing up at the studio, people weren’t handling the business, the business was crazy and everything was folding. It’s just the drugs.”

The Memphis native even recounted a time where he broke into the late Lord Infamous’ hotel room to wake him up as he was passed out while high on drugs.

“I had to bust up in Lord Infamous room before and I was almost in tears,” he said. “I thought the n-gga was dead at first. So I had to go get the keys because he wouldn’t answer the phone. I was banging on his door. So I had to bust up in his room and had to pretty much beat him [using a pillow] to wake him up.”

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The last Three 6 Mafia album arrived with Last 2 Walk in 2008. After taking a hiatus from the group in 2018, Juicy J is set to reunite with DJ Paul on the Verzuz stage when they take on Bone Thugs-n-Harmony on Thursday (December 2).

Listen to the entire episode below with Three 6 Mafia talk starting around the 12-minute mark.