An episode of Adult Swim cartoon The Boondocks was rumored to be banned from TV and never to be seen, but the full episode has leaked online.

HipHopDX previously released a clip of the episode, which revolved around child character Huey Freeman going on a hunger strike until the television station BET was either taken off the air, or all of the executives committed Japanese style ritual suicide. Debra Lee and Reggie Hudlin, the CEO and president of the station, were notably parodied as “Dr. Leevil” and “Wedgie Hudlin,” respectively. Leevil—complete with an outfit and dead hairless dog similar to the Austin Powers character Dr. Evil—says, “Our leader Bob Johnson had a dream of creating a network that would accomplish what hundreds of years of slavery, Jim Crow and malt liquor couldn’t: the destruction of black people.”

The episode has various swipes at BET, from comments about their reality shows to outrageous slogan suggestions like, BET: You Niggas Have Nothing Better To Watch.” The station has been a constant ragamuffin for accusations of programming that perpetuates black stereotypes.

Rapper/singer Cee-Lo guest stars as his recurring character Reverend Rollo Goodlove, while Donald Faison and Tavis Smiley also contribute their voices to the show. In a previous DX report, an anonymous source identified this as one of two episodes that were banned from airing because of higher-ups at BET threatening legal action against Sony, the company that produces the show [click to read]. Cartoon Network has since confirmed that the episodes were not scheduled to air, but denied that the network was contacted by BET, Lee or Hudlin.