E-40 is a man of many titles, and the legendary Bay Area rapper is taking his talents to the kitchen. On Monday (October 25), E-40 announced his new gourmet meats brand called Goon with the Spoon.

Goon with the Spoon has been in the works for nearly a year now, but finally, E-40 is getting things going after teaming up with Justin Kinder of Kinder’s Meats, Deli and BBQ. E-40 took to Instagram to celebrate the announcement.

“Fulfilled a lifelong dream today with the formal launch of my GOON WITH THE SPOON brand & inaugural sausage line!” he wrote under a video of him putting in work in the kitchen. “We’re in production and about to take over the food industry now.”

E-40’s new line of packaged sausages and burritos come in various flavors such as teriyaki pineapple chicken sausage, Philly cheesesteak chicken sausages, hot beef sausages, mild beef sausages, the Choices (Yum) Sausage Bundle and turf burritos.



The self-proclaimed “Goon with the Spoon” is planning to expand his business beyond meats. He’s looking to create skewers, ice cream, and pre-packaged meals as well as cookbooks, produce cooking shows, and open restaurants for fans to come and get a bite of the food he’s been working on.

E-40 isn’t the only rapper that’s dabbling in the food business. Megan Thee Stallion recently teamed up with famous Louisiana fried chicken fast-food chain Popeyes for a new hot sauce called the “Hottie Sauce.” Cardi B recently reviewed the sauce giving it a positive reaction.

Cardi B Reviews Megan Thee Stallion's Popeyes Hottie Sauce

“Bomb. ‘Cause it’s like… it smells and it feels like it’s going to hit you with, like, Louisiana Hot Sauce,” Cardi B said in her short video on Instagram. “But then it goes to like a different world like a sweet and sour.”