A clip of Young M.A from a 2019 interview with Headkrack After Hours resurfaced on Tuesday (July 20), where the Brooklyn native, who is openly gay, spoke about becoming a parent in the future to a baby boy and girl at some point. Social media ran wild with the rumors which somehow turned into allegations of Young M.A currently being pregnant.

Young M.A hopped into The Shade Room‘s comment section to clear up any confusion about her actually being pregnant right now. With the rumors spreading like wildfire, she became the No. 2 trending topic on Twitter for a period Tuesday night.

“Of course my girl is the one that’s gone be pregnant that’s why I looked at her and mentioned her smh.. y’all bored lol but I get it.. sell ya stories and we workin on one now,” the 29-year-old wrote.

In the same November 2019 interview with Dish Nation’s Headkrack, Young M.A. explained her reasoning for wanting a boy first followed by a girl.

“Yeah, I’ma be married by then… I want a boy… I want a boy first and then a girl. That’s it. I don’t wanna OD. Set’s complete. I’d rather a boy first. I told my girl this. I said, ‘I rather a boy first because he’ll be the one taking care of his little sister.’ And he gotta hold her down because that’s how [it] was with me.

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“My brother was… My big brother, rest in peace. And then my mom had me… So, he made sure I was straight even though I learned from him, at the same time, it made me thorough.”

Check out some of the reactions to the rumors of Young M.A being pregnant below.