6ix9ine hypocritically called out Blueface for only making headlines for his internet antics on Saturday (June 26), not long after the Compton-bred rapper announced he’d joined the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. In an Instagram video, the polarizing rapper foolishly confessed he carries $20,000 in cash on him at all times, which he says is almost the same amount of money Blueface is supposedly paying to fight.

“The only time people talk about Blueface is when he’s not doing music, so I don’t know what the fuck you talking about,” he says to someone on the phone. “Like who the fuck is Blueface? Right now, I swear to my mom, I got $20,000 in my pocket I walk around with. He’s gonna pay $25,000 to fight. I walk around with the money he’s getting paid for. What the fuck you talkin’ bout?”

6ix9ine then claims he’d easily overpower his adversary Lil Durk in the ring.

“You get Lil Durk in the ring right now, I’m eating him alive,” he adds. “I will violate him on King Von’s grave. He’s gonna hit me with the bitch ass shit he’s doing now — nothing. He gonna hit me with the, ‘Yo, you making it hot right now, bro. Chill, chill [laughs].'”


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Of course, 6ix9ine wasn’t done there and took his vitriol to The Shade Room Instagram comment section, once again pulling the late King Von into the fray.

“I love how ya favorite rapper raps about gangsta shit but when all his friends die around him he does nothing about it,” he wrote. “Argue with your dirrtyyyy family.”

6ix9ine Ruthlessly Trolls Lil Durk Following Brother's Murder - As Expected

6ix9ine hasn’t let his foot off Lil Durk’s neck for months. After Durk’s brother OTF DThang was fatally shot on June 5, 6ix9ine made it his mission to taunt the grieving rapper. 

“@lildurk tell the truth about yo Gang man they really dyin,” he wrote alongside several laughing emojis. “@lildurk stop the senseless violence.” He then moved over to The Shade Room — evidently one of his favorite accounts — and left a sarcastic “RIP” under a post about DThang’s death.

As for Blueface, he announced he’ll be stepping in the ring for a bare knuckle match on July 23, Although he’s unsure who he’ll be fighting, he did tell TMZ, “I’m pretty sure it’s either gonna be some type of YouTube or TikTok-er or something of that nature.”