Redman is still a student of Hip Hop culture — even over three decades into his decorated career. On Friday (June 25), fellow lyrical assassin Royce Da 5’9 shared an unearthed video of Redman giving the former Slaughterhouse MC the coveted car test, bumping his 2016 track “Flesh” as he geeks out over the lyrics.

He says at the beginning of the clip, “Royce 5 fucking 9, n-gga. Listen to this fucking verse.” From there, he lets the song play as he nods his head to the beat.

Royce was obviously moved by Redman’s reaction to his music, admitting he has always looked to him for inspiration. Even now, as a Grammy Award-nominated MC, Royce makes it clear he’s still taking lessons as he continues to grow.

“The more you achieve, the more you’ll realize how much sum’n like this means to you… I studied Redman like religion just so I could be reciprocal if I should ever one day have a chance to be,” he wrote in the caption. “I needed this to be his reaction to me because this was always my reaction to him.

“We all experience our own subjective versions of perceived success but what are the people who cheer for us, celebrating? The most visible, obvious things are the easiest to forget about over time and Legacy is everything to me.”


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Royce Da 5’9 added this was something he’d remember forever.

“I could end up with Alzheimer’s and Dementia still don’t think I’d forget this moment,” he said. “You can’t put a price tag on it or pass it out to others for political reasons. I’m in a seat in the culture that I took from people who wouldn’t let me sit down and I got everything on everything I love out the Mud… In closing… Let my journey be a guide for those who weren’t quite prepared when opportunity first presented itself but can’t wait for the second things come full circle.”

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In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Wu-Tang Clan luminary RZA illustrated just how dedicated Redman is to his craft. While recording Ghostface Killah’s masterpiece Supreme Clientele in 2000, Redman insisted on writing his verse for “Buck 50” in the car with zero distractions.

“When Wu-Tang had success and we built our first studio, we would make the songs and then bring it downstairs to the car and play it in there,” he said. “If sound bopping in there, you know you was good. Especially on an album like Supreme Clientele.

“I feel like almost every song, like when we finished that, we took it down. I’ll never forget when Redman came to the studio, he actually wrote his verse in the car. We put the beat on tape and he’s just going to take the beat downstairs and write the verse in the car.”

Redman is getting ready to release his long awaited Muddy Waters 2 album, the sequel to the 1996 original. Speaking to DX backstage at Red Rocks Amphitheater in 2018, Redman said he had plans to release the project that year but hit a road bump. Then once the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, he decided to push it back even further. But a press release fired off in April promised the project would arrive this summer.

Until then, check out Redman’s “80 Barz” below.