With four platinum certifications, a Grammy nomination and nearly 500 million streams — on Spotify alone, it’s safe to say SZA’s 2017 Travis Scott-featured “Love Galore” single was a success.

The track appeared on her groundbreaking album CTRL and has held it down for fans as the Top Dawg Entertainment center takes her time with a worthy follow-up.

But naturally, time moves on and artists perform new tracks.

That was the sentiment SZA gave off on Thursday (June 3) when she sent out a very public message on social media writing, “Can somebody ask Travis to perform love galore w me one last time for old times sake,” before going on to admit “Ion got his number lol.”

The Astroworld genius — who has been seemingly busy playing Mario Kart in real life with his Mercedes-Benz G Wagon Cabriolet in the streets of Los Angeles — eventually got wind of the message and responded with a message that will surely please fans.

“Of courseeeee,” he tweeted on Friday (June 5). “1 last time, a couple more times !!!! When and where? We got the fest coming soon Love galore and Good dayzzzz.”

La Flame is scheduled to headline Day 2 of Rolling Loud Miami 2021 and also has own Astroworld Festival hitting later this year, which allows for plenty of opportunities for “Love Galore” live to be a reality in the near future.

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A fact that wasn’t lost on SZA in her response on Saturday (June 5).

“AAHHH PERIADDD!!! count me INN for the fest for all the things!!!” she cried as she brought an onslaught of emojis. “I BEEN wanted to play astro ! iss WAY PAST time !”

Revisit the “Love Galore” video below and look out for the live performance.