Fired Joe Budden Podcast hosts Rory and Mal are apparently already looking to the future with another podcast venture.

On Tuesday (May 18), Mal uploaded an image to his Instagram account with a new logo for what seems to be a podcast called Rory & Mal. He didn’t provide any other context aside from two emojis in the caption. Rory, however, didn’t share anything to his Instagram account regarding the purported show.


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The Joe Budden Podcast was a trending Twitter topic last week when Budden fired Rory during an episode titled “You Want It To Be One Way.”

In a clip circulating online, Budden was irate as he talked about their contracts, saying, “Y’all will not continue to treat me this way. Y’all not going to continue to treat these people this way. Y’all take that fuckin’ dark energy, that arrogance and entitlement somewhere else. I say all of that to say, we gonna do this since Rory feels like he has so many options.

“Somehow he still feels he’s running the show. He still feels like he has choices and options. He feels like he’s entitled to more. Rory, you are in breach of your contract and from this point forward, you are fired! And you’re not welcome back.”

He added, “Mal, I’m the person that has to say that. The gall of you to think you are deserving the way that I am.”

'Joe Budden Podcast' Goes Down In Flames After Co-Host Rory Is Fired On Air

On Saturday (May 15), Rory and Mal published a video addressing the situation in which Mal explained he believes Budden solely credits his former rap career for the podcast’s popularity.

“I feel like Joe feels like a lot of the success of this podcast is based over his music career,” Mal said. “And my thing is, it’s not. I been in some of these cities when you were a rapper, Joe. … This many people weren’t showing up for you.”

Budden has since apologized for the blow-up in an Instagram video and copped to “poor leadership skills.”

“Seeing all of this feedback and all this —I do need to apologize to Rory, as well,” he said around the 55:45-minute mark of recent Joe Budden Podcast episode. “Maybe Rory and Mal, too, but definitely Rory … things sound a lot spicier in the go-out.”

Check it out below.