6ix9ine is back performing live shows for the first time since he was released from prison in April 2020, but 2KBABY can’t believe people are going out of their way to support him.

The Louisville artist — best known for his “Old Streets” single — took to Twitter on Tuesday (May 4) to call out the controversial rapper’s fans for being culture vultures. 2KBABY also says if he was in the crowd when 6ix9ine stage-dived, he would have let him hit the ground.

“Not only people showed up to 6ixnine concert they held him up when he jumped in the crowed I would moved and let him bust his head!!!” he said. “But aye these people don’t care about are culture rules they only care about trying Imitate are culture!”

6ix9ine held his first post-prison performance at Orlando’s Tier Nightclub on April 23, but it was reportedly cut short after a fan snatched a chain from around his neck.

On Saturday (May 1), he returned to the stage at Miami’s Trillerfest and jumped into the crowd once again. One festivalgoer posted a video of the dive on TikTok with the caption, “I should have slapped the snitch out of him.”

This isn’t the first time 2KBABY has spoken out against 6ix9ine on social media. The rainbow-haired rapper once asked how it feels to be the “richest rat in the world,” to which he said he felt like Batman. 2KBABY, however, wasn’t impressed with his superhero comparison.

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“N-gga Batman didn’t use all his homies to get rich then snitch on them,” he said in response. “Y’all are not the same your more like Master splinter! Or or a exotic pet rat!”


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