Producer-DJ Marshmello is a fixture in the EDM scene, but many people don’t know he has a soft spot for Hip Hop. The award-winning DJ has collaborated on songs with several rappers like Roddy Ricch, Juicy J, Migos, and Logic. In 2019 he even revealed he had a whole Hip Hop album locked and loaded in the chamber

One of Marshmello’s most recent forays into Hip Hop came through his 42 Dugg-assisted “Baggin'” last September, and it seems like the Philly native is far from done collaborating with rappers. On Tuesday (February 24), a video of Marshmello posted up in the studio with Louisville-born rapper 2KBABY surfaced online. The two have a new song coming out titled “Like This” that 2KBABY first revealed in a tweet last month.

Marshmello is strumming away on an electric guitar in the clip while 2KBABY raps along to the new song while puffing away on a hefty-sized blunt.

“I’ve been through too much to live like this,” 2K raps on the song. “Double up my cup you can’t sip like this/I fill my pockets till their stuffed, so they fit like this/Now she know I’m up cause I drip like this.”

2KBABY later took to Twitter to reshare the video and seemingly revealed “Like This” would be dropping on Friday (February 26).

Last week, 2KBABY came to defend his fellow peer Meek Mill who suffered ridicule from fans for his actions following an altercation with 6ix9ine in an Atlanta parking during Valentine’s Day Weekend. Instead of putting his hands on the rainbow-haired rapper, Meek kept it pushing while 6ix9ine cursed up a storm. Some fans took this as a sign of Meek being weak but the Philly rapper had some friends back him up which included 2KBABY.

Money Man, 2KBaby & BlocBoy JB All Show Meek Mill Trap Love Against 6ix9ine

2KBABY called social media the new police saying, “If Meek would have did something to that boy non of you mfs would have paid a bond or helped his family cause he def would been charged and fuk up his bag from fuckin up a rat on camera! but of course someone with nothing to lose would say what he should of did!”