Meek Mill has been getting all types of reactions following his random verbal exchange with 6ix9ine in an Atlanta parking lot over the weekend. Some felt he did the right thing, while others thought he should’ve put his hands on the rainbow-haired rapper. After Wack 100 gave his two cents on the matter calling Meek a pussy, the Philadelphia rapper had a few of his peers back him up.

On Tuesday (February 16), BlocBoy JB, 2KBaby and Money Man came to Meek’s defense on Twitter supporting the decision he made in the parking lot.

“Dey tried to give Meek Mill 100 for riding a bike imagine how much time dey gone give him for beating a snitch,” BlocBoy wrote on his Twitter page.

2KBABY called social media the new police saying, “If Meek would have did something to that boy non of you mfs would have paid a bond or helped his family cause he def would been charged and fuk up his bag from fuckin up a rat on camera! but of course someone with nothing to lose would say what he should of did!”

Money Man agreed with 2K’s feelings by criticizing those calling Meek soft for not engaging with 6ix9ine.



“Lol so meek was supposed to crash out and beat 69 ass get bacl locked up so the internet think he hard lol I see why niggas be in the positions they be in,” he tweeted.

The incident causing everyone to get riled up on social media occurred on Sunday morning (February 14), when 6ix9ine approached Meek outside of a nightclub in Atlanta. The Dream Chasers founder shared a video clip of the incident in his Instagram Stories.



“Why 69 just run up on me wit a bunch of cops so I spit on him,” he wrote. “I thought I was dreaming…he waited outside for me with the feds wtf.” He added, “They did all this to go viral. Leave me alone rat.”

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Meek later took to Twitter to explain what happened from his perspective, claiming he did not run into his rival. 6ix9ine allegedly popped out of nowhere and came charging at Meek with his security.