Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Dre and his estranged wife Nicole Young have been hammering out the details in their messy $1 billion divorce since last June. But according to TMZ, the celebrated Hip Hop producer needs it to be done and over with yesterday. 

Dre’s attorney Laura Wasser reportedly filed legal documents earlier this week asking for a bifurcation of his divorce, which is legal jargon for both parties quickly being declared legally single. This would allow the couple to divide their assets at a later date.

The Compton native says Young’s “false allegations of domestic violence” made it clear there’s no rectifying their relationship and he believes she’s “dragging her feet on purpose.” The couple’s acrimonious split hinders on a prenuptial agreement Young allegedly signed in 1996. She says it should be rendered null and void because the Beats By Dre mogul ripped it up one night as some kind of romantic gesture.

But Dr. Dre begs to differ. Over the course of their 24-year union, Dre’s wealth has grown significantly and he clearly doesn’t want her to get her hands on his fortune.



Young was initially asking for $2 million a month in temporary spousal support plus an extra $5 million for legal fees but was denied. But following Dre’s reported brain aneurysm in January, he agreed to paying her a one-time payment of $2 million on top of the roughly $200,000 per month he’s already giving her — from his hospital bed.

Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Takes An L In Court Over ‘Greedy Bitch’ Lyrics

Young has accused Dre of having multiple mistresses and physically and mentally abusing her. More recently, she claimed she feared for her life after a leaked song snippet found Dre rapping about what a “greedy bitch” she is. She attempted to obtain a restraining order, but a judge shot her down earlier this month. Needless to say, Dre wants to put this chapter of his life behind him for good.



From an outside perspective, Dr. Dre has moved on — with Apryl Jones. The two were spotted at a Los Angeles steakhouse in February, instantly sparking dating rumors. Jones’ former Love & Hip Hop co-star Moneice Slaughter confirmed their relationship on Instagram Live, saying, “To the person that asked me if Apryl and Dre are together: yes they are. It’s been a while that they’ve been together … it’s not new.

“I’ve known for a while. I was shocked just because of her public announcement that she’s polyamorous … I was surprised that someone as established and refined as Dre would almost wife her.”