Dr. Dre and Nicole Young’s pending divorce has been anything but amicable. Allegations of abuse, infidelity, embezzlement and a bunk prenuptial agreement have dominated headlines over the past five months. Now, Young wants to know if the celebrated producer has fathered any children outside of their marriage.

According to TMZ, the 50-year-old former attorney filed legal documents demanding Dre hand over “any paperwork relating to paternity actions he may have been involved in during their 24-year union.”

With over one billion dollars on the line, Young appears to be pulling out all the stops to ensure she gets her fair cut. In September, she filed court docs asking for nearly $2 million in temporary monthly spousal support to maintain her luxurious lifestyle along with $5 million in legal fees. But a judge shot down her request, scoring a major win for Dre in their contentious divorce.

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Dr. Dre's Wife Claims He 'Forced' Her To Sign Prenup As $1 Billion Divorce Heats Up

In October, The Daily Mail reported Young was attempting to subpoena three of Dre’s alleged mistresses — singer Jillian Speer, former model Kili Anderson and Latin Hip Hop artist Crystal Rogers — in an effort to get the judge to toss out their prenuptial agreement.

Dre says the agreement, which was signed in 1996, is still valid, but Young insists he later ripped it up in a spontaneous romantic gesture, rendering it invalid. The couple is waiting on a Los Angeles Superior judge to determine whether the prenup is enforceable.