With Dr. Dre’s $1 billion divorce with Nicole Young looming in the court system, he officially filed their long rumored prenup in court, which his estranged wife doesn’t believe is legitimate. She claims Dre actually tore it up early on in their union.

According to TMZ, prenup court documents state Dre claims all of the property they’ve acquired since tying the knot in 1996 is his. He’s also acknowledging Young’s right to spousal support, though he’s not going for the $2 million per month in the temporary spousal support she was asking for. Instead, he valued her monthly expenses via his CPA at just over $293,000.

Dre’s attorneys claim the legendary Hip Hop mogul has been voluntarily taking care of Young’s expenses since their split and is paying for everything at her Malibu estate. He’s also paid a hefty sum for her legal fees, but the $1 million he’s coughed up isn’t enough — she wants $5 million to pay her legal team throughout the divorce process, which Dre reportedly believes is ridiculous.



If the judge rules Dre’s prenuptial agreement is enforceable, it would mark another huge victory in the divorce case for the Death Row icon.

Dr. Dre's Estranged Wife Accused Of 'Decimating' Company Bank Account Amid $1B Divorce

He’s denying all claims of emotional and physical abuse made by his former wife, who accused him of fathering children outside their family. She also attempted to have three of his alleged mistresses testify in the case in October, which hasn’t been granted.