The time for talk is over. Floyd Mayweather Jr. waits to defend his pound 4 pound crown from not only Ricky Hatton, but the hostile takeover of the MGM by the UK’s rabid fans. If yesterday’s weigh-in is any indication, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will find himself in hostile territory even in his hometown of Las Vegas, NV.

Somebody’s ‘0’ has got to go and only one will remain “Undefeated”. will be delivering round by round coverage of Mayweather vs Hatton live from ringside at the MGM Grand Garden.

Check out “Tale of the Tape” for fight insight and to discuss who will win the battle between these two remarkable fighters. Coverage begins roughly at 8:30pm PST.

Other fight results:

Matthew Hatton (Ricky Hatton‘s brother) def. Frankie Santos via unanimous decision

Edner Cherry def. Wes Ferguson via 6th round KO (2:59)

Daniel Ponce De Leon def. Eduardo Escobedo via unanimous decision

Jeff Lacy def. Peter Manfredo Jr via unanimous decision

Stay tuned! Hatton Vs Mayweather is next!

The British fans are overpowering Tyrese‘s singing of the National Anthem with a hail of jeers. Absolutely pro-Hatton crowd and quite possibly the loudest for a boxing event.

Mayweather enters to “Born in the USA” to a mixed reaction.

Andreas Hale’s Unofficial Scorecard

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 total

Mayweather 10 -10-10 -10- 9 – 10 -10 -10-10 – x – x – x 89

Hatton 9 – 10 – 9 – 9 -10 – 8 – 9 – 9- 9- x – x – x 82

Rd 1 – Hatton starts off quick but Mayweather slows him down with a left hook. Mayweather’s speed looks likke it could be a problem. Mayweather unloads a right and Hatton counters quickly and staggers the champ. Mayweather looks sharp and land cleanly. Very even round with Hatton looking unnerved.

Rd 2 – Hatton coming forward but Mayweather picks him off with right hands. Hatton lands several hooks but Floyd is slowly trying to time the challenger. The Hatton fans erupt whenever Hatton comes close to connecting – which may sway the judges.

Rd 3 – Hatton lands his best hook of the night but Mayweather immediately responds with his best hook of the night. Hatton is relentless and presses the action. Mayweather slips in counters along the ropes as Hatton pounds away. More lead rights from Mayweather. The cleaner punches belong to Mayweather but Hatton hasn’t slowed down. Judging will be difficult.

Rd 4 – Hatton appears to have a small cut over his right eye. Mayweather lands 3 clean punches early and Hatton responds. Hatton appears to be frustrated with Mayweather’s slick boxing as he continues to pick Hatton off as he rumbles in. Mayweather lands his best 3 punch combination of the night. Mayweather’s best round and the only one that is clearly his.

Rd 5 – Hatton continues to press the action and is more active this round as he lands to the head and body. Lots of infighting along the ropes with Hatton appearing to grow stronger as the fight goes on. Mayweather may be taking a round off here. Hatton is clearly the aggressor and takes this round convincingly.

Rd 6 – Mayweather is trying to find his range with the jab. They exchange right hooks and Hatton loses a point for hitting Mayweather in the back of the head. Hatton attempts to show Mayweather his rear end. Hatton gets even more aggressive as the two begin to show each other up. Hatton remains all over Mayweather and may have taken this round with his smothering attack if it wasn’t for the point deducted.

Rd 7 – Mayweather tries to create distance between he and Hatton but Hatton continues to press forward. At this point, scorecards are expected to be all over the place. Lots of holding here. Mayweather lands a crisp right hand as Hatton tried to land cleanly. Two excellent left and right hands seal the round for Mayweather.

Rd 8 – Mayweather continues to try and time Hatton and slips several right hooks before landing with another right hand. Mayweather lands a great uppercut that stuns Hatton. Mayweather picks Hatton off with another right and begins to unload on Hatton. Whenever there is distance, Mayweather’s speed takes over. Mayweather hits Hatton with several unanswered punches. Hatton is hurt badly! Mayweather takes another round cleanly.

Rd 9 – Hatton roars out of his corner looking to prove he’s not shaken by the Mayweather onslaught. Mayweather lands a left jab. Hatton walks through it. Hatton continues to chase Mayweather around the ring and eats three consecutive jabs. Mayweather may be taking over and is looking more and more comfortable. Mayweather’s superb boxing skills flourish here. A left cross slows the Hatton onslaught down as Mayweather takes another round.

Rd 10 – The crowd is urging Hatton on and may think he’s behind. Hatton lands a hook to the body and head. Hatton goes down by an incredible left hook as he lunges in after Mayweather! Hatton rises but is clearly stunned. Mayweather fires away at Hatton and lands another left on Hatton’s temple. He’s hurt again and stumbles to the ground! The ref steps in and puts a halt to the fight. Mayweather by TKO!!!!