As the day nears for the highly anticipated Wu-Tang reunion album, the controversy behind the making of the album is reaching all time highs. After Raekwon sounded off on his distaste for 8 Diagrams and RZA  defended his production shortly after, Ghostface had now opened up and called the album “bullshit.” In a recent interview with MTV, Ghost laid his cards on the table unapologetically.

“I feel that the new Wu Tang album is bullshit…real bullshit,” Ghost laments as he places all the blame on RZA. “It’s not really our fault. RZA chose a certain selection of beats and wanted brothers to get busy off of that. Nobody else makes beats so that’s gotta come from him.”

“To be so highly anticipated, he shoulda waited and came with the mega bomb and did it right,” he continues.

Ghost even acknowledges that there could have been some use for outside producers but RZA wasn’t having it. “With RZA he wants everything for himself. We told him he could bring other people in,” he says. “He could get a beat from Pharrell or Kanye West or whatever but he just likes to do shit for himself. If a nigga did try to bring a beat in he’d try to co-produce it and fuck up a nigga track adding other shit that didn’t need to be added and that’s disrespectful.”

But in the end, Ghost concedes there was nothing he, or anyone else, could do to save the project.

“It ain’t like nobody tried that before to bring some shit to the table. But this is a voting thing. You get outvoted,” he says dismissively. “That’s why the last 3 or 4 Wu albums were bullshit.”

Is 8 Diagrams really “bullshit”? Judge for yourself on December 11th.