Los Angeles, CA – As the Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez shooting case drags on, it appears Daystar Peterson is growing tired of staying silent on the matter. According to TMZ, the Canadian rapper — who has a retraining order preventing him from contacting the Roc Nation artist — wants permission from Los Angeles County Court to speak on the case.

In new court documents, he reportedly claims it’s unfair Megan is allowed to tweet on the matter whenever she wants, while he must remain quiet. Lanez says there’s “evidence of gunshot residue implicating others” but because of the protective order, he’s prohibited from disclosing any of it. He’s also worried his silence will make it look like he agrees with her.

The paperwork follows Megan’s Twitter tirade last week in which she suggested Lanez’s team was behind an erroneous report stating the case had been dropped. 

“AT THIS POINT IM GETTING ANNOYED! STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE MF INTERNET,” she tweeted shortly after the rumors started making the rounds. “Imagine how I feel waking every day seeing people LIE and turn my trauma into a joke? That whole team figures out ways to create doubt with my story every week and the media eats it up.”

She added, “I can’t wait until the MF FACTS come out! Bitch you shot me AND MY STORY NOT CHANGING AND BITCH YOU GOING TO JAIL.”

But has Lanez forgotten about DAYSTAR, the surprise album he released in September 2020? The 17-track project arrived via SoundCloud and was solely dedicated to telling his side of the story. From the moment the first note drops, Lanez is intent on clearing his name.

As he raps on album opener “Money Over Fallouts,” “Can’t cry now, I’m gonna laugh later/Girl you had the nerve to write that statement on that affidavit, knowing I don’t do it/But I’m coming at my truest, tryin’ to keep this shit 200 with ya, shorty/I can’t prove it but them people in yo’ ear/They the true ones that I feel that really got you thinking Tory Lanez would do you in for real.

Tory Lanez Denies He Shot Megan Thee Stallion & Questions Her Injuries On Surprise 'DAYSTAR' Album

“Don’t forget you was my bitch, I held it down and kept it real/I would never paint no fake picture of you just for some mills/And I thought that you were solid too, but look at how you doing me/Look at you doing me, people tryin’ to ruin me.”

He also questioned Megan’s injuries and suggested she was making it all up with, “How the fuck you get shot in your foot, don’t hit no bones or tendons?”

The remaining 16 tracks include titles such as “Things I Should Have Said,” “A Woman” and “Friends Become Strangers,” which are all related to the case in some form or fashion. Despite Lanez’s best efforts, the release didn’t seem to do him any favors.

DAYSTAR serves as the lowest opening week of his career, landing at No. 10 on the Billboard 200 chart with roughly 36,000 total album-equivalent units.